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    "If you truly want to apologize, do it fully. Mention your sins. Mention your abuse. Show it to all the other victims, (Hello Pam, you saved my life, my dear. Otherwise I was nothing.) Just be a man and tell them all and prove it."
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I fully advocate living fully.


    I fully advocate living fully.

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    Lucky # 7


    I hope I’m not disturbing you in there, I just wanted to make sure you were okay…

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    My babymama.

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    This is what Heaven looks like.

    This is what Heaven looks like.

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    I am possibly having the biggest challenge of my life in trying to relearn this Freestyle 7 dance step sequence.


    (Long post later.)

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    I really, really, really, (and I mean ‘really’,) really, don’t like Lance Armstrong.

    The way I see it, Lance Armstrong kicked cancer square in the balls; due in no small part to the vast physical, mental, and emotional support, and overall sacrifice, of his lovely wife.

    He then decided to repay her for her undying love by filing for divorce within the week that she was diagnosed with cancer, herself. His reasoning? “Seeing her be sick reminded me of being sick.”

    Bro, she ain’t playing a part in a recital- she would have done anything to have been healthy, unlike you, who fought to have her health insurance cancelled before she could have her double-mastectomy.

    Oh, and he then did this to three other women, (I’m looking at you Sheryl Crow.)

    We get it. You were LIVESTRONG, you couldn’t say that you were doping, (especially given the common-knowledge fact that steroids and the male reproductive synergism is not unlike having someone microwaving your little buddy for 48 consecutive hours.)

    So, I’m sorry that I find it difficult to find sympathy for this man in my heart. I really am, but I looked really high and way low, and I just couldn’t find one measly piece of shit to give.

    One truly is a special snowflake if they only consider the line ‘in his sickness, and her health,’ legally binding.

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    The Mayan calendar ended a week or so ago; the day of reckoning came and went, and lo and behold, I am still on the couch, (be it in the great state of Washington rather than in Southland.)

    My awakening on December 22.

    Waking up to the world 100% not ended on December 22 was rough. I had put a lot of eggs in one basket anticipating that I would not have any further mortal responsibilities. I declined to adjust my Fantasy Football starting lineup, I neglected to change the bottle in the water cooler, I failed to charge my iPhone- I hadn’t shaved my legs in weeks. Truth be told though, it really is a good thing that tomorrow I will be celebrating New Year’s Eve, (in Seattle with my favorite Puget Sound transplants, no less,) because this year really was my annus horribilis.

    Thank you Ridley Scott for the highlight of my year.

    I honestly cannot fully comprehend the amount of fail this year was without putting it into a tediously through info-graphic, but in the interest of remembering that the only place to go is ‘up,’ I present to you Twenty-Twelve: The Year I Wish We Lost Contact.*

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    My cousin Tasia Ann Thomas’ medley of the top songs of 2012. As seen on Yahoo!, YouTube, Huffington Post, and more.

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    My cousin did a medley of the best music of 2012. The whole internet noticed.

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